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According to a report, sponsored by a grant from the Clorox Company, the average office workstation can be a viral nightmare. For example, an average office telephone contains 25,000 germs per square inch -- more than 500 times that found on the typical office toilet seat.


A desktop can have more than 21,000 bugs per square inch.

Water fountain handles, microwave oven door handles and computer keyboards were also among the top five "germ-contaminated" surfaces in the office.    We advise that you keep sanitizing wipes at your desk to clean your phone receiver, keyboard and mouse daily.


Maintaining your carpet can be a challenge, too. Carpets can hold many germs and allergens, so knowing how to take care of them is important.  Interstate Maintenance is here to provide the professional services needed to make this process as easy as possible. Our company provides high quality service and equipment managed by trained professionals to thoroughly remove dirt and harmful pollutants.


Our top of the line equipment gets the job done so efficiently; your staff may think you replaced the carpet!


Keeping your office and carpet clean promotes a healthier lifestyle and cleaner air.


Our prices are fair and customer service is exceptional.  If a clean office and carpet is what you want this season, you want the professionals at Interstate Maintenance Cleaning Corporation.